Men's Style Help

"Do you understand just how important your appearance is in creating the life you want to live?"

"Are you confident you present yourself well?"

If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions this site is for you. It is the men's version of my Style Makeover HQ website. Eventually it will guide you on everything you need to achieve your mens style makeover.

6 Steps to Savvy Mens Style

To make things easy I recommend you follow these 6 steps for creating your own savvy style:

  1. Great grooming – includes scrupulous personal hygiene; well kept clothes and accessories; great skin and hair care
  2. Dress for your body shape – learn what your shape is and how to dress to create the ideal body shape (there’s a lot you can do with the correct fit and designs)
  3. Wear your best colors – learn the colors that suit you best, how to combine colors and the powerful effect colors have on both you and on those observing you
  4. Express your personal style – assess who you are now and who or what you want to become, then use this self-knowledge to create your own personal style brand
  5. Plan your wardrobe – it’s a good idea to regularly assess your wardrobe to check it still support your lifestyle, your shape and your personal style. List clothes and accessories needed to fill any gaps or replace worn out items
  6. Shop to your plan – to ensure you have the clothes and accessories you need to support your lifestyle and goals

Men's Face Shapes

Initially, due to popular demand, I will be focusing on men's face shapes including:

  • How to find your face shape
  • The best hairstyles for your face shape
  • The best eyeglasses for each of the face shapes

I will be offering a free face shape analysis to the first 50 men to apply (details available soon).

If you would rather have a private analysis you can use my face shape service.