Face Shape Analysis Service

It can be difficult objectively assessing your own face shape, especially if you do not neatly fit into 1 shape category. As an Image Consultant I have created this service to give you a professional, objective assessment.

The Significance of Your Face Shape

You can think of your face as your "communication centre": you want people to look at you when you're talking, and when they're talking to you. It's not good if the person, or people, you are communicating with are distracted by a hairstyle or glasses style that doesn't work with your face.

When you know the shape of your face you can apply some simple guidelines to make sure you always select haircuts, hairstyles, eyeglasses and hats that flatter your face.

Taking Your Photo

You will need to take a photo specifically for the analysis, as follows:

  • The photo should contain a close-up of your head
  • If you wear eyeglasses, remove them
  • Make sure you are facing straight-on to the camera
  • I need to see the outline of your face. One way to do this is to wet your hair and slick it back (or pin it back with hair clips or a hair band)
  • Do not smile in the photo

If you have slicked back your hair in the photo or if you wear glasses and you want me to comment on your current hairstyle or the style of your glasses you may want to supply a second photo wearing your glasses, or with your hair styled as it would be normally.

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