What Shape Is My Face?

Take this online quiz to answer the question "what shape is my face?"

You Will Need:

what shape is my face assessment tools
  • A mirror, a camera, or both (I find it easiest taking a photo and also referring to your actual face when doing my in-person analyses)
what shape is my face measure
  • Measuring device to record relative width and length. For example, a ruler, or a rectangle of straight-edged card just a bit longer than your face. (I often simply use a straight-edged pen or pencil and use my fingers to mark off the width, then compare that against the length).

Get Started:

You need to see the outline of your face. So, if necessary, wet your hair and slick it back from your face. (Or you could use a hair styling product, or hair clips, or a hair band).

If you're using a camera, take a photo of your face (or have someone else take it): look straight at the camera and let your face relax; do not smile as this changes your face shape. The most important thing is that the photo is taken straight on to your face and not too close to it. The aim is to get an accurate, undistorted, picture of the outline of your face.

Face Shape Quiz:

What's your face length?

width vs length face shape proportions
  1. Take your measuring device and hold it across the widest part of your face (either using your photo, or the mirror). Make a note of the width.
  2. Now hold the measuring device at the top of your hairline straight down to your chin. Note the length compared to the width.

Don't get too hung up with taking measurements. It's the proportions that matter.

Is your face length:

In some men other facial features may need to be taken into account as well as the length.

Use my face shape analysis service if you need help working out your shape.

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